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Imaging101, Inc. provides affordable, yet powerful, document imaging solutions and services for business. We help make customers stronger and more effective... enabling them to solve their most important business challenges... controlling, securing and managing documents and files.  
You won't understand how you ever worked without it!

“Every day I used to get dozens of emails

asking who had the file for a given client. 

These emails have disappeared.”

Save Money

Save Time



Imaging101 Modules Imaging Features Imaging Integration

Scan and Store your Paper and Electronic documents Faster and Easier

than filing them into paper folders and filing cabinets.



 Scan, Store, Route, Share, Retrieve and Annotate images of paper or electronic documents directly from your desktops.  This is the closest thing to the paper-less office possible.  Original documents are stored Safe and Secure!

Getting paper and faxed documents in the hands of the right people at the right time is paramount to efficient and top-performing companies.

Imaging101, Inc. is a company with a proven track record in helping organizations like yours with effective solutions for document imaging, document management, document scanning and electronic document routing. 
Document imaging software products bullet arrow blue  Improve efficiency
Document imaging software products bullet arrow blue Reduce costs
Document imaging software products bullet arrow blue Improve customer service
Document imaging software products bullet arrow blue

Eliminate lost documents

Document imaging software products bullet arrow blue Reduce need to hire additional FTE's
Document imaging software products bullet arrow blue Route documents electronically
Document imaging software products bullet arrow blue Find any document within seconds
Document imaging software products bullet arrow blue Once you are done, simply close the displayed image
Document imaging software products bullet arrow blue No more re-filing
Document imaging software products bullet arrow blue No more lost or misfiled documents
Document imaging software products bullet arrow blue Manage processes and productivity
Document imaging software products bullet arrow blue Keep  backup copies off-site inexpensively for disaster recovery and business resumption
Improve Efficiency

From mail-room clerks to customer service representatives, supervisors, managers and administrators; Imaging101 keeps the work flowing and the workers working.  All while providing management with real-time metrics on performance and productivity. 

Document imaging can bring you much closer to the paperless office today.  Scan paper documents and import electronic or office documents such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and many more.  In fact, Imaging101 supports over 200 file formats.



Turn your paper into profits while saving the planet one document at a time using "Green Technologies".  We help companies work efficiently and effectively in order to achieve maximum profits with minimal environmental impact.

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Click here to learn more about "Green Technologies"


For a quick Imaging-101 overview of this technology click this link for an Imaging 101 Introduction to Document Imaging.


Imaging101 is headquartered in the City of Weston in Broward County, South Florida.  Weston is directly West of the City of Ft. Lauderdale.  Imaging101 also has a satellite office in the City of Miami in Miami-Dade County, South Florida.


Save Money
Save on filing cabinets,  paper, photocopies,  overtime, couriers, off-site storage, wasted time and more.
Save Time 
Dramatically reduce time spent filing, looking for, routing and tracking paper documents.
Secure your mission-critical business documents electronically from unauthorized access or loss.  
Comply with Industry, Local, City, State and Federal Regulations like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, the Patriot Act and others.

Production Strength Document Imaging

is Finally Affordable!


Paper documents and file folders

are a thing of the past

Incoming mail is now captured at the points of entry into the company.  The paper is scanned into digital images immediately upon receipt. 


The electronic images of the documents are automatically routed to the appropriate group or users' electronic work queue based on pre-defined rules.  Priority and status are quickly and easily assigned to ensure that workers handle the most important items first.


Even faxes coming into the company are now received electronically and automatically routed to the proper groups or users.


This is the closest thing to the paperless office possible.

Priority and status of work are automatically set based on which fax line a document came in on.  No human intervention guarantees that faxed correspondence is handled in the most efficient manner possible.


Managers and Supervisors now easily stay on top of processes and users they are

responsible for.  They monitor pending and completed work in group and user queues.


Some exceptions automatically route problem items directly to a users' supervisor.  Reports allow them to get summary and detailed views of current and historical user performance and productivity.



We are very serious... you really won't understand

how you ever worked without it!



Imaging101 provides an easy to use, feature-packed and amazingly powerful document imaging, document management paperless office solution. 


“Our counselors are handling

the work in their queues

within 1 to 2 days…

this used to take 7 to 9 days before! 

The high-priority items

are handled in the same day."


Imaging101 includes features previously available only in very expensive systems.  In fact, some of the more beneficial features are not even available in these expensive systems.  Imaging101 can help your organization quickly become lean, productive and efficient.  Less paper is only the tip of the iceberg. 



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