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Some key advantages of using Imaging101 are:


Multi-User – Allows multiple users to Scan, Route, Store, Find and Display documents, images, data streams and files at the same time.  Easily handles hundreds of users.


Fast and Efficient—Documents can be scanned, routed, stored, and retrieved with blazing fast speed even with up to One Trillion items and hundreds of users.


User Definable— The entire system is very dynamic. It allows users with proper administrative rights to quickly and easily create and modify Applications, Search-field names, Database lookup tables, Drop-down list values, Sort orders, Scanner settings, and so much more. 


In Imaging101, each of these definitions is called an “Application” because it can be “applied” to a specific function or process in the organization.  Examples could be “Client Files”, “Accounts Payable”, “Critical Inquiries”, etc.


Keeps images organized — Allows structured searches by various index fields individually or in combination.  Allows searching by any combination of user-defined fields such as Client #’s, Date ranges, Document type, document description


Security & Compliance—Allows configuring Users and User Groups to control access to Batches, Documents, Buttons and Features available in each module. 


Security can be configured differently for each Group and each “Application”.  Audit logs track user and system activity.


Keeps images safe – prevents users from deleting or modifying the stored documents or their indexes (aka “Metadata” or “Properties”).  Annotations, if enabled, do NOT alter the original documents.


Powerful viewer - allows viewing over 160 of the most popular file formats WITHOUT the specific application in which they were created being installed on the users’ desktop. 


From scanned black and white or color images, to digital pictures to office documents to 3D Engineering vector drawings and everything in between.  For example TIF, JPG, DOC, XLS, PDF, DWG, DRW, DXF, etc.


Open Industry Standards— Images are stored in industry-standard formats and provides total control over the index content in a standard, Non-proprietary SQL Database. 


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