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International private bank grows with the help of document imaging developer.

Miami, Florida, 3/27/2003 ó American Express Bank International purchased the assets of a smaller private bank that managed the financial accounts of over 800 affluent international clients.  The goal was to make this process completely transparent to clients.  This proved to be more of a challenge than originally estimated.  Yet, with the proper help, were able to provide the highest level of service as promised.  The project was completed on-time and on-budget.

This newly acquired bank had an existing imaging system which turned out to be very unfriendly and inflexible.  Unfortunately, the existing system did not allow the transfer of the existing images to any other imaging system.  The vendor of the imaging software refused to work with American Express to extract the images. 

American Express turned to software developer and integrator Imaging101, Inc. of Weston, Florida.  After reviewing all the available options, the Imaging101 team suggested that the documents stored in this proprietary system were not identified or indexed properly.  It would be very difficult to introduce them and make them useful in the existing American Express imaging system. 

Imaging101 suggested it would be faster, less expensive and safer to scan all the original paper documents, index them properly and import them into the existing American Express imaging system.  Since their resources were already stretched by this new acquisition, American Express opted to hire Imaging101 to handle the job of scanning and indexing of over 90,000 documents.

Due to contractual arrangements; it was critical that all documents become available within a 30-day period.  Because of the type and condition of these documents, in addition to the manner in which American Express needed to have the documents coded, OCR and Bar-coding was not a viable option.   Imaging101 attempted to perform this conversion with a third-party scanning and indexing product. 

Additionally, the newly acquired documents did not have the descriptions of American Expressís documents.  This meant that each time the indexers came across a document they did not know how to classify; they would have to ask the appropriate American Express representative.   If the American Express personnel were not available, indexers would have to wait.  Too often, the indexers would identify the documents wrong.  It soon became apparent that even with four (4) people this process would take between 60 and 90 days. 

The Imaging101 indexing module was modified to optimize the scanning and indexing process and to allow filing the images into the existing American Express imaging solution.  Over a dozen special features were added to Imaging101 indexing module to handle the document identification problem and to allow flagging documents they could not identify and keep working. 

Because the Imaging101 solution was so efficient, the scanning and indexing was reduced to only two (2) people, one of whom had very little indexing experience.  The need to ask for help from American Express personnel was reduced to only a few per day.   The project was completed on-time and on-budget.

About Imaging101

Imaging101, Inc. is a Florida Corporation based in Weston, Florida.  Imaging101 provides affordable, yet powerful, document imaging solutions and services for business. Imaging101 offerings are differentiated by a deeply ingrained attitude of carefully listening to customers, innovating on their behalf, and delivering solutions as part of a results-oriented relationship.   Imaging101 provides affordable solutions that provide measurable business results.  For more information about Imaging101, visit

About American Express Bank International
American Express Bank International is a Private Bank that provides a range of wealth management services specifically designed for individuals with $1 Million or more to invest. The Private Bank has an extensive global network that has grown and developed throughout the years to meet the needs of our clients. American Express Bank currently has 75 offices in 38 countries around the world.  The private bank is a part of the American Express Company, a global leader in financial services, travel, and credit and charge cards. For more information, visit

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