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Aerospace engineering dilemma solved with flexible document imaging technology.

West Palm Beach, Florida, 9/23/2002 Industry giant Belcan Corporation faced a major challenge.   They were sub-contracted by United Technologies / Pratt & Whitney, a Fortune 500 Aerospace Engineering firm,  to work on a special and highly-critical project for the US Government.  

Pratt & Whitney had an old document imaging system that now housed over 1.7 Million document and technical drawing images in a proprietary image format.  This document imaging system had very limited search capabilities and was rather slow and lethargic. 

To add to their troubles, each document was stored as separate individual images.   Some documents were up to 700 pages long.  This meant that to find a particular page; they may have to open hundreds of pages to finally locate the correct one.   This involved hours of painstaking research by highly trained and paid engineers. 

Retrieving images from a remote location was nearly impossible because the database was also proprietary and created massive overhead over wide area network connections.   As if that was not enough, the images had been scanned and indexed by multiple personnel over time and no particular index naming conventions had been used. 

PC Networks, Inc. of Miami, Florida a professional document imaging reseller in Miami, Florida enlisted the help of Imaging101, Inc. based in Weston, Florida.  PC Networks staff worked closely with Imaging101 staff to identify the requirements and develop a cost-effective yet robust and flexible solution. 

The solution for Belcan involved a full extraction of all the images contained in the proprietary system, converting the image format from a proprietary format to industry-standard TIFF G4 format, combining all the pages for multi-page documents into single files, and allowing them to search for the images based on the content of any of the index fields.   

Engineers could now locate and retrieve images and browse through hundreds of pages in seconds.  The Imaging101 image viewer provided them with the ability to zoom technical drawings to view a level of detail that was not possible with the old system.

The Belcan and Pratt & Whitney team was now also able to retrieve images from remote locations quickly and efficiently.  The Imaging101 solution allowed the team to complete the project prior to the contract deadline saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor and performance penalties.

About Imaging101

Imaging101, Inc. is a Florida Corporation based in Weston, Florida.  Imaging101 provides affordable, yet powerful, document imaging solutions and services for business. Imaging101 offerings are differentiated by a deeply ingrained attitude of carefully listening to customers, innovating on their behalf, and delivering solutions as part of a results-oriented relationship.   Imaging101 provides affordable solutions that provide measurable business results.  For more information about Imaging101, visit

 About PC Networks

PC Networks, Inc. is a Florida Corporation headquartered in Miami, Florida since 1983.  PC Networks provides complete and cost-effective turnkey solutions to enable companies to reduce operational costs, increase profitability, and improve customer relationships.  PC Networks turnkey solutions are based on a proper mix of electronic document scanning, document imaging, document management, forms processing, electronic signatures, EDM, Workflow, COLD, ERM,  computer report management, web / internet access to electronic documents and CD publishing of electronic content.  For more information about PC Networks, visit

About Belcan Corporation
Belcan Corporation is Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and Provides services in every state and many foreign countries through a network of locations, including worldwide alliances.  Belcan has Annual sales of $300 to $400 million and employs 3,000 to 4,000 employees worldwide. Belcan provides full-service engineering, design and build, application technology, procurement, information technology, technical and temporary staffing, and multimedia services worldwide.  For more information, visit

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